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Oh, those pesky dragons!
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Oh dear.

God hath sent upon us a plague of spiders instead of locusts. Goodness! Has any of us been designing golden cows or forcing religious folk into building pyramids? I assume the latter is out of the question, but you never know regarding the golden cows. I'm sure we've got some superb wielders and ceramic artists amongst us folk.

Maybe, perhaps, the spirit of Deborah Hart is haunting our humble orphanage? Maybe she is trying to communicate with us by using our eight legged brethren? You never know! Spiders can mean a variety of things, such as sin and desire of the flesh; perhaps this is what brought about her undoing and she is trying to lead us to the culprit!?

Evolution, death, rebirth, so many possibilities! If these spiders are indeed black widows--even more to consider!

My goodness! What are you trying to tell us, Miss Hart!? Could it be you've been reincarnated!? Those with the most spiders--are you trying to suggest that they are the ones closest to the truth!? When a web is much too intricate, it may indicate we are distancing ourselves from reality and thus, the case. So be sure to check for very detailed webbings! It could be a sign you're all off the track!

Oh, but if not the lovely lady: Arachne! What is it that attracts your sons and daughters to our abode in such large quantities!? Speak, and tell us your woes, tell us why you have graced our presence in such huge numbers.

I must be careful so as not to kill any of the little darlings. I've been scooping them up into papers, books, my hands, toys, string and various other local objects and placing them outside. Yet they continue to return... Could it be they are somehow... attracted to us? A spider is a wise creature, so it must love like-minded people, human or arachnid or more.

I feel dreadfully like Renfield; adopting them as my roommates and feeding them. Isn't this a strange conversation, for people who aren't crazy?

I have caught a couple flies to feed to them. I've tied them up in ribbons and left them hanging outside the window in hopes my guests will learn they have outlived their stay. Yet they seem content on staying and maybe I'll continue to just fatten them up and merely pray they move on to a more proper and fitting household. What did he want you to do? That which has already been done! Renfield, indeed!

Oh, yes, and I managed to take a shot of the spiders on my ceiling. I fear the amount may be a bit... too much. I'm not worried since they don't look to be harmful or venomous, but I could be wrong. I've only seen Daddy Long Legs thus far. (With a mouth too small to take a bite and kill me dead on the spot.)

The photo of my guests!Collapse )

It's only natural I'd be selected as team leader!

And yet, I am oh so flattered! I wonder, was dear Sir Roger keeping me in mind when he made the list~? Eee! That makes it even more wonderful should it be true!

So, yes: Sir Qui, Sir Near, Sir Synch--you are all my bitches for the next few days! However, I am a benevolent-----ish leader and will make all this worthwhile and fun! I've got my whip, I'm not afraid to use it, huuhuu~!


We shall win this. All together, the four of us. Put your hope in my hands, and let me put mine in yours.

[ooc: As I said for X, I'll do an open log for yew guys when more info is released. To talk to me via AIM, my s/n is KaitouChan. Please comment on this entry and/or PM me if you wish to talk. I'll get on AIM ASAP. Or you email me at cheshireneko@gmail.com--addressing either Miss C or X, whichev. :3]
28th-Feb-2008 04:08 pm - Thrift shopping, bargain hopping
Good evening, darlings. How's everyone's Thor day? Mine is going swimmingly well, actually. ♥

What has Miss C been up to since Valentine's Day? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Mostly school work, naturally. Case files passed down from the archives of Sir L's artifacts. This one's main evidence only a colonoscopy report. Haha, how wonderful! The answer lied in the colon--and it's quite fun studying the insides of someone. Especially when you know where that camera's been!

Beyond that, really, I've just been thrift shopping online. Money came in from the previous case I worked on [you can't feed body parts to animals and forget to remove any jewelry they were wearing], so I'm a happy little squirrel.

So far I've purchased:
- Mutant boot/hand vase
- This painting of a clown and girl
- This pink themed lamp set
- Two cutie leather critters
- This garden gnome [I've got a set, but none with blue!] [Also, I must say, the placement of the fish is perfect.]
- The hood of a 1922 Crossley
- Bungee ball furry cat toys

Still searching for a couple other little tidbits. The selection of green hippo toothbrushes and Romeo & Juliet figurine candles is very low.

Also! How nice it is to see some of the Directors using online blogs! Hello, dear elders! Hope your stay on the web is pleasant and disturbing! Huuhuu~

P.S. Thanks for the fun time, Sir Qutie~
Welcome all fresh meat! I dare say, we elder folks should go do some hazing, hoohohohoho!

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrradiology!! What fun that is! We were given ten slides of very professional ct scans to find the two false ones. Apparently they had been created by a highly skilled doctor scamming people for money. Wasn't so hard; but ha, nothing really is except fooooooooooooor~~!

Happy Valentine's Day, darlings!

Ah~! Valentine's Day! The day of romance, affection, candy, flowers, relationship testers, heartbreak, loneliness and bitterness! Mmm, such an interesting and fun little holiday! Please give thanks to the Valentinus of Rome and Terni, may their souls rest in peace, for this holiday of love and overpriced Hallmark cards! You shan't be forgotten, boys!

Also celebrating is Zeus and Hera, happily wedded for Gods and Goddesses know many years! The 15th is the Lupercalia fertility festival, so hitch up your skirt and shine your shoes, boys, this is a good time to think about a little skin on skin lovin'! [Though a day of fertility--wear a condom! If it isn't tight, and you see some white, then it isn't on right!]

For this wonderful occasion, I must dress my best to impress, no less! Of course.

February 14th is ruled under the sign Aquarius; as such, you Aquarius out there should celebrate and show off that friendly, honest, original and inventive side! Try to keep your nasty little habits of detachment and unemotional mood swings in check, however, as today is not the day for that. Your perverse side, however--well, remember what I said about the condoms! For none of that pregnant flubber, wear a rubber!

For this holiday, you can expect a wonderful outfit from moi! I am wearing my Sexy Cupid Cutie* costume! Look out for me, I've got arrows and I'm ready to shoot down the next potential love birds! [*worksafe link]

After classes today, I shall be delivering all your Valentines personally! Those whom are not in their rooms or still attending classes shall find their gifts by their doors or in their rooms!

Oh! I say! I shall find my Valentine tonight! It will be one of you lucky lads or lassies!

Oh, and of course, birthday hugs and kisses for my two little Aquariuses!

[ooc: Here are the gifts she gave you guys. 8D]Collapse )


Oh, dear... I seemed to have fallen head over heels for someone here... But it is a relationship that can never be. For once, I am truly torn up inside. I would have loved to be embraced by that man... I suppose I should just move on. It's for the best. It can never happen...

Oh, Roger, why can't it be...?


[ooc: no, she is serious. BTW--her 'current music' song... I blame you, Phae, Jesus Christ.]
1st-Feb-2008 08:38 pm - The serial killer returns to light!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


⇢ Mutated form caused by radiation chemicals and accumulated human pollution. Perhaps was something akin to a marsupial before toxic waste mutated it into what it is now. Bloodthrist most likely is genetic and was all ready a habit passed down to the chupacabra. It is not unknown for herbivore-like creatures to feast on blood. [Re: Red Deer of Scotland.] Contact with unnatural chemicals could have caused the deformation of eyes and hairloss.

⇢ Alien entity. The width and length of eyes, alongated head and even small body are familiar to the customary universal image of typical outer space beings. Could it be we have alien living among us? With special taste for the blood of goats? What is their purpose, then? Could it be they are using our goats for experimentations?

⇢ Vampire-esque being who, like of old folklore, stayed out in the sun and was fried. Barely made it out alive, but serious scarring and "melting" turned it into the ugly thing it is today. Seemingly chupacabra hunt at night, such as a vampire. Though this is not always the case, I presume, which means should it be a fried vampire, it has adjusted itself to the sunlight.

Whatever it is, it is a mix of all the above. Alien, vampiric and beyond human understanding.

The only way we can know for sure which or what it is, and be able to fully comprehend this murderous beast, we must first capture one alive. For the great of science to study! Not kill or experiment, but understand and accept. Though they are little bastards and ate all my Mexican goats. I SHANT FORGIVE THEM SO EASILY, HOWEVER.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Oooh, those little bastards!

Oh, good evening darlings! How have you all been doing? Like most everyone, I've been busy choo-chooing away at work and cases. All of them terribly, but necessary. At least they keep my attention. Ah, well, for the most part, I've finished up the workload, and have started doing my own personal studies. That which includes this little fucker above.

OOH! Valentine's Day will soon be arriving! Miss C cannot go one year without a Valentine to call her own! Is anyone up to the challenge!? Sir D, how about you!?

[OOC: 'Sup. LOL, uh, the newspaper article was my own doing. I'm so anal about credit, so, I have to do it here: the picture of the goat included in the paper comes from here, while the background template comes from here. Hopefully now that I'm 90% moved into my new apartment, I can return playing with you guys. ♥]
1st-Jan-2008 06:51 am - partyiing liek 1999 hahaha!!
ha;ppy nw yeear!!!

do forgiv miss c as sh is a li;ttle tippsy rite now hahahahaaha. i had to to;ast off 2000 wi7th a nice gl]ass of wine heehee. i might hav bittten off more thasn i culd chew BUT IT WAS soooo WORTH IT!!! i could eDit this porperly if i try but hahaha i dont feel liek concentr;ating & breakiing the buzz!

i JUst wantd to wish evryone here a GREAT NEW YEAR!!! im afraid i might git in truble if i came out hollring this sooooo here i say it! tho do ignre my; cackless an squeals i,f u shud hear th8em! jus throwin a privte party heehee

25th-Dec-2007 04:02 pm - Ho ho ho! :D

Little Miss C played Santee Claus last night after Mass and dropped off your gifts. Do enjoy them, darlings! And have yourself a wonderful, merry little Christmas!

[OOC: These are the things she got you guys. 8D]Collapse )
24th-Dec-2007 07:31 pm - Fa la la la la la la la la~

I hope all you darlings are caught up with work so you can relax for today and tomorrow! For the holiday, I've hung numerous ordaments I brought here with me up along the walls with holly, poinsettias, snowflake beads over my closet door and Christmas color themed lights strewn everywhere. I've also got a giant 1950 Santa statue, an entire group of reindeer lawn ordaments, a giant plastic candy cane, sixteen Nativity sets, a toy train that goes around the entire room, a large Christmas town with glass figurenes and houses, fifty-three snowmen nick nacks, twenty-two Santa toys, fifteen reindeer statues, a giant Rudolph stuffed animal, a five foot tall fake tree, decorated with 89 ordaments, four wreaths, and, well... A lot more, hohoho!

Don't forget the mistletoe, hoho! I've got it hanging right over my door, so watch your step, lovelies~ ♥

I've got the BBC on, listening to the Nine Lessons and Carols, enjoying warm spiced apple cider. It's the best. ♥

Tonight I shall bake cookies to leave out for Santa tomorrow! Heehee, it's a fun tradition, who cares if the Jolly Red/White Giant isn't real? I've got all your gifts wrapped with bandages around my fingers to prove it! Hoho! You ought to have them delivered early morning! ♥ I'll be dressed in my velvet Santa mini dress!

NOTE: Oh, don't be frightened if you see a lady dressed in black wandering through the halls at night, carrying a candle around, say, 11:45 PM. That'll be me, having a go at the Midnight Mass, huhu. I promise I won't peek on you little cuties as you sleep with visions of ginger bread cookies in your head~

It's also nice to have dear L back so early from his case in Cambodia. Do enjoy your stay with your family, dear~

[ooc: Link is worksafe. I'm going to assume it's Christmas Eve right now instead of Christmas, despite the fact that it's probably all ready Christmas in England ohohoho. 8D; JUST PRETEND SHE POSTED THIS ON CHRISTMAS EVE IF I'M OFF.]
relax~/good times~
My my my! Miss C's been a busy bee! Hee hee!

Hello, darlings! How are you all doing? Or, so to say: ¡Hola, queridos! ¿Cómo estás todo el hacer esta tarde fina?*

To all the new lads and lassies joining us online: welcome! May you enjoy your visit to the online world and try to keep your porn downloads limited! ♥ If you've not all ready heard of me, I am the delightful, darling, delicious and decadent Miss C. You may address me as such; please do tell me your names as well! I believe darling Sir Radio left a greeting on my previous entry--and, yes, and welcome back to the fun house, Sir Jibby! You must let me give you a big big hug! ♥

I've finally cleaned up all my broken Spanish. Once again, your resident goddess has claimed the Spanish language as her own! Now to conquer Italian, ahahaha! Sarò la dea della vittoria, huhuhu!**

With working on my Spanish, I've also been doing terrible, terrible amounts of work. Oh so dreadful, my poor mind needs to relax in a nice rose bubble bath~ Anyone care to join? Miss P, how about you? ♥

I've all ordered your gifts online, so they should be here within a few days! Oho, I've ordered some rather dandy little things for you lot! Oh ho ho ho ho!

Also, I do hope a couple of you are feeling all right. Mostly a cute little pencher and Gentleman M. You are both strong, do keep it up. ♥

AAAHHH MISS C DOES NOT LIKE WORKING OVERTIME! Dreary, dreary me. I do believe it is time I take a nice long nap. Anyone care to join? ♥

[ooc: I didn't meantion it in X's post, but I'm back. Hopefully I won't be so slow at commenting. Anyway, I use SYSTRAN for translations, so everything translated could be way, way off. But pretend it isn't. :x; *: "Hello, darlings! How are you doing this fine evening?" & **: "I shall be the goddess of victory!"]
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