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Oh, those pesky dragons!

Miss C
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Funeral procession gone awry!
Alias: Cortège Catastrophe
Birth name: Celeste Lune
Gender: Female one hot bitch
Age: 18 with a body like a battle axe
Sexuality: Have at it, darlings! "You people and your quaint little categories."
There'll be no measurements for you! ♥

C is what you call a claustrophiliac. She loves confined, closed in spaces, and frequently surrounds herself with clutter and disorganization. This is her form of organizing. Her bedroom would most likely be filled to the brim with various objects, and her bed a tiny fort made of books and other such things. While not completely uncomfortable with wide open spaces [she loves traveling], she can have anxiety attacks time to time because of it. C also has an obsession she's quite comfortable with, and that's being a vorarephiliac, or someone who likes vore. C likes talking about the beauty of "chewing on people." So when she says, "I want to eat you up!" ... You never know if she means it literally or figuratively. XD She believes in things normally people wouldn't--like the chupacabra.

★ MISS C ★
C considers herself a very open minded, social butterfly, and enjoys interacting with other people. She has the personality of that obnoxious drunk older sister/mother, just not drunk. She's loud, she enjoys laughing her ass off, and generally loves life. Her likes include collecting more stuff to clutter her room, squeezing people's faces, dressing up fabulously for each and everyday, teasing everyone around her, sign language, arts and crafts (by that I mean from painting to magic), supernatural creatures/aliens and, of course, morbid stuff like vore and whatnot. (C will paint a picture of a graveyard of zombies and find it so very touching--why so? Because they are your loved ones brought back to hold you!) Thing about C is you don't want to take her *too* seriously.

However, like every living thing, she too has a dark side. C can be manipulative, cold and violent. While she prefers not to, she will do dark things to get what she needs done (in this case, er, cases.) She's pretty good at mind-fucking and disassociating from criminals, giving them a sociopathic sort of apathetic attitude even if they have a good story or pitiful reasons for their wrong doings.

First off, C's PB is Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHOLiC/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, with a few added touches. (And reality sized breasts, lol.) (NOTE: So of course, Yuuko is copyright material of CLAMP. DISCLAIMER!)

HAIR: Let's be poetic and say "black as a raven's wing," lol. It's waist long, straight, with bangs that end just above her eyebrows, and feather her cheeks... "like raven wings." She likes to put it up in different styles. When she's concentrating on work, her bangs are clipped back with cat barrettes and hair tied up in numerous messy ponytails. It is again her chaotic nature poking through her style and everyday living.

EYES: They're a very dark green with thick lashes; she's very proud of them, she is.

STYLE: FABULOOOOUS! C enjoys dressing up in whatever fits her mood that day. She mostly enjoys comfortable robes and a fancy spaghetti strap top and jeans. Variety is the spice of life, darling.

★ 411 ★
Celeste was born to a very luxurious lifestyle in New York City, which explains her current nature. Her parents were just as flamboyant and eccentric as her. They'd have family dinners every night--each night dressing up to a certain theme (Friday is Star Wars night!) and do what all close families do--only in a crazy fashion. There is nothing sad about her life; she had never been to a funeral until her parents death, which was due to a car accident at age 14. She spent a year in a local orphanage, but refused to be adopted since she didn't want any new parents. Despite all her weirdness, she is very smart, just as her mother and father were (they were rich due to their careers, kthx.) At age 15, this landed her into Whammy's which she has learned to accept as her brand new home in the English countryside. Fabulous!

★ Relationshits ★
Everyone is Miss C's bitch, and they know it.

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This is roleplay journal for the_succession, played by optical_nerve.
Credit where credit is due: Hitsuzensei.